Online Horoscope Matching

Online Horoscope Matching

Online Horoscope Matching

Online Horoscope Matching defines the compatibility of  two different persons. According to the Planets position in both horoscope tells about the match or Gun Milan. Kundali Matching is one of the primary steps taken by the parents to foresee the success of the union of a girl and boy in marriage. Peoples are practicing this in India from the pre-historic times the tradition still exists. Online Kundli Matching is easier for people who don’t have the time to consult Top Astrologer in Delhi through a personal meeting. The most common astrological compatibility test is the Ashtakuta Kundli matching.

It is an eight-fold comparison of the qualities for the girl and boy before marriage. WE usually call These qualities as Gunas in Hindi; each of the gunas denotes the different aspects of your personality. Any astrologer for Kundli matching, needs four main details – date of birth, name, location (city of birth and time). The same is required for the Online Horoscope Matching. 

What is Online Kundli Matching ?

The process is also termed as Guna Milan. An astrologer decides if the match is appropriate with the summarization of the gunas. The maximum number of gunas is 36 in the Ashta-Kuta system. The couple with a total 36 to 31 gunas matched inclusively are made for each other. The number of gunas matched is between 21 and 30 can be good companions. On the other hand when the gunas lie between 17 and 20 the union is acceptable. If the gunas matching are below 16 the boy and girl are unsuitable for each other. Through our Online Horoscope Matching you will get a detailed report of the kundli analysis. Thus you will be able to see why the match is desirable or undesirable in the report. 

What is Online Horoscope Reading ?

Another Horoscope Reading system is the Bhakuta Kuta in which 7 points are considered instead of 8. The Gus Milan process considers the Bhakuta Kuta only when it is favourable. The number of gunas matching between 26 and 29 are acceptable, 21 and 25 is satisfactory and 0 to 20 is detrimental. Bhakuta Kuta is related to the emotional compatibility and affection of a pair. The Nadi Kuta is given the highest priority during the Online Horoscope Matching. The health of a person related to the Nadi Kuta. If the pair has Nadi Dosa even the higest number of gunas matched can’t harmonize their marriage. 

All the figures apply when counting the gunas inclusively for both the partners-to-be. Online Horoscope Matching is done keeping. A union of Mangalik and non-magalik person is deemed inauspicious in astrology. If you wish to have a happy and long-lasting marriage you must do Kundali matching. It can help you assess the success of the marriage.Even when the match is questionable, an Online Horoscope Matching help you to under the areas which can cause conflicts after marrying the person you love. If you are keen on becoming life partners though astrologically the union is bound to fail to consult an astrologer is a key. 

In Online Horoscope Matching our astrologers also assist in remedies to cure the mismatch in the gunas. Living a fulfilling married life is possible despite the 

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