Palmistry Services in Delhi

Palmistry Services in DelhiPalmistry Services in Delhi

Knowing the future is an easy approach to clear doubts that persist in your mind regarding important events of your life. Palmistry Services is a simple divination practice used by astrologers and occultists to describe a person’s life experiences. Also called chiromancy and chirosophy is the process of interpreting a querent nature by reading their hands. Bhrigu Darbar Jyotish Karyalaya offers Palmistry Services in Delhi since last 22 years in Delhi. The art originated in India flourishing in different parts of Eurasia. Today hand-reading is popular in China, Tibet, Persia, Egypt, Greece and Mesopotamia. It started in India during the medieval period. 

Palm Reading Services in Delhi

Astrology traces the affect of the transition of the planets on earth into the human lives. In short what happens above has an impact below. Similarity Palmistry traces your attributes and life cycle through the palm. The palm is equivalent to a vague manuscript that contains information about you. The shape of a palm indicates which classical element of astrology you belong to. By consulting to an expert who provide Palm Reading Services in Delhi, you can prediction about you. When you visit a palmist he looks at the mounts, plains and lines to make predictions. The meanings of different lines are determined by measuring their length, depth, and curvature.

In Palmistry the palm is divided into small areas (mounts) each of which represent different planets. The flatness of a particular area illustrates the lack of tactic while mount shows you have bounty of it. The lines on dominant hand are mostly preferred for a palm reading. The right hand gives insights of a querent’s professional life and impressions on others. The other hand is used for exploring the relationship with your loved one, emotions and internal struggle. Palmistry Services in Delhi can be find out here from the Best Astrologer.

By and large marriage line, fate line, sun line, children line, money line, health line, travel line, bracelet line, line of mars, ring of solomon, ring of saturn, girdle of venus, ring of apollo and ring of mercury are the major ceases on hand a palmist looks during a consultation session.

What We Look in Palmistry Services in Delhi ?

The five major lines which you must ask in our Palmistry Services in Delhi  to examine are – 

  1. Head Line – The head line is located below your index finger and above the thumb. It reveals your intellect, the way to think and analyze.
  1. Heart Line – The heart line lies below your pinky (shortest) finger. This line describes your relationship with others. The friendships you will inculcate, the people romantically involved with you and how committed you are towards a partner.
  1. Life line – More often the life line is assumed to outline life expectancy. In reality it indicates your outlook toward fulfillment in life and how you prefer to live. 
  1. Sun Line – The line represents how you are perceived by people, success and fame in your life. The time when you will shine like a star can be traced with this line!
  1. Fate Line – The fate line reveal the impact of others on your life. It denotes your destiny. The amount of control you will have on what’s happening is ruled by this line. 

Who provide Palmistry Services in Delhi ?

Bhrigu Darbar Jyotish Karyalaya offers a detailed palm reading that covers every aspect of life. He is certified in different methods of palmistry. He worked as a palmist for his entire life. Order a palm reading at Bhrigu Astro Consult today!  If you are also looking for best Palmistry Services in Delhi then you must visit us. You can find us here :

Bhrigu Darbar Jyotish Karyalaya
NP-111, Ground Floor, Near Kumar Dairy, Pitampura, New Delhi. 
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